Just out of the Shop

Two more Pieces Ready for Sale.

A Heavy Empire American Oak Coffee Table.

The Quarter Sawn Oak Coffee Table Top.

The Large Pillars and Feet.

Preema Is always by My Side.

The Front View of the Paine Furniture Company Desk.

Carved End view of the Paine Desk.

Carved End View of the Pain Desk.

Interior of Paine Desk Drawer.

Chairs a Time Consuming Task

When considering dinning chairs consider all your choices.  There are chairs for less money up front but, there is a reason.  Some Dealers simply refinish and or refinish and try to glue or nail joints without disassembly. Down the road there will be problems! These Dealers are not doing justice to you, their customers.  When we restore our dinning chairs they are disassembled, any repairs needed are done, Re glued and reassembled and then Refinished and Reupholstered.  Remember you usually get what you pay for and Please consider all Your Options.

Chairs before Reastoration.

Disassembled and any repairs done starting reassembly.


Reassembly takes alot of clamps per chair.

Just completed painting in spray booth.

Ready for upholstery.

Chair Upholstered.

The finished set of chairs ready for the customers house.