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What sets us apart from the throngs of antiques dealers? We Strive For Only The Highest Quality Antiques and Collectables, We Will Not Sacrifice Quality For Profit!   We find old, elegant furniture from all over the United States and bring it back to our warehouse in Molalla, Oregon where it is lovingly restored “better than new”.  We go completely through each piece and re-glue, refinish, and  restore so that you are buying the best furniture possible for your home.  What Brings Us Happiness Is Our Customers Happiness At Each Purchase. Only Then Have WE Done A Good Job.  Thank You Mark and Sheryl

Morris chairs were the first “recliners” and took a lot of wear and tear because they were so well-used and loved by their owners. We re-glue each joint so that the chair will be stable and will last for another hundred years.  Springs are retied or replaced.  We choose the finest fabrics for long wear and low maintenance.  When you are shopping for fine furniture, get the whole story and be sure you are getting what you pay for. 

….Look under the cushions and see how the support is Handled.  Ours Back to Original, Finished with Springs Retied.



 Are the springs still there? Have they been retied? Have they been discarded and webbing or plywood has been installed instead? At Russellville, we retie the springs and cover them with matching fabric as Original for Maximum Comfort.  Theirs with webbing No Springs and Not Finished.



Finish: Is it smooth and even? When you run your fingers under the edges, are these smooth as well? Ours is silky smooth and reflects the extra care that we take to be sure the finish is as good or better than that of the original furniture maker. The care that goes into each item shows. Make sure that when you make comparisons, you are comparing apples to apples. When you want the finest there is, we have it.

Russellville Antiques Offers Layaway:  See a Piece you like and we can set it up for you !

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